About us

Managed Services

Free Range Cloud is pleased to announce we offer managed services in addition to our unmanaged VPS, dedicated and web-hosting plans. Learn more about some of our managed services below, or contact us by email at sales@freerangecloud.com for a custom quote.

Managed Email VPS

Hosting your own email server can be a difficult and, at times, frustrating experience. Take all the difficulty out of running your email server by outsourcing the day-to-day monitoring, patching and infrastructure management to Free Range Cloud. Our managed email service includes the following:

  • Dedicated VPS - Don't worry about sharing resources with others, your VPS is dedicated to you, and only you. Root access available.

  • 24x7 Monitoring - We'll know right away if something goes wrong and respond to correct it.

  • Professional setup - We’ll handle setting up your server, including any DNS records which need to be put into place.

  • Easy to use web interface - Adding users and aliases is a breeze with our simple web-based management interface.

  • 120GB of disk space - Store thousands of messages, additional disk space available as well for minimal extra cost.

  • Unlimited users - Create as many users as you need all for just one flat monthly rate.

  • All for just $19.99/mo.
    * subject to one time setup fee

    Managed Email & Webhosting Special

    Having reliable email is essential to any online presence, and having an email address in the form of user@yourdomain.com is much more appealing to perspective customers then a generic free email account. Combine our professional web hosting package with a managed email VPS to get all your web hosting and email needs looked after by a single, trusted company. Our Managed Email & Web special includes:

  • Managed Email VPS - with all the features outlined above.

  • 40GB of Web Storage- store images and videos on your website without fear of running out of space.

  • Five domains - run up to 5 seperate websites on different domain names at no extra charge.

  • Unlimited MySQL Databases - no limit on the number of databases you can create.

  • All for just $22.99/mo.
    * subject to one time setup fee