Network Information

Free Range Cloud operates AS53356 across all our datacenter locations. More information about our BGP network can be found on our BGP Communities page or on our PeeringDB Profile

Free Range Cloud is also pleased to support and all of our locations have a looking glass server which you can use to run common network tests such as ping, mtr, or traceroute.

Fremont (US West)

Located on the US West Coast, Fremont is situated in Northern California, directly within Silicon Valley! Our equipment is located in Hurricane Electric's FMT2 facility and supports redundant network uplinks on 2 diverse carriers. Our Fremont POP is just 8ms away from LA and less then 20ms away from Seattle.

Vancouver (CA West)

Our Vancouver POP is located in the Harbour Center datacenter, has dual upstreams and connectivity to the UNMETERED Internet Exchange. All of our standard product offerings are available in this location, along with some IX-Specific products.

Winnipeg (CA Central 1)

Winnipeg is a centrally located city, just 40ms away from Vancouver and 30ms away from Toronto. Our primary upstream at this location is FastNet communications, while IPv6 connectivity comes from Hurricane Electric. Our gear is housed in the locally well-known LES.NET YWG2 facility.

Toronto (CA Central 2)

Toronto is Canada's largest city and boasts some of the nation's best and most dense connectivity. Our equipment is housed in Nuday Network's Markham colocation facility, features redundant uplinks and <20ms to major population centers on the US East Coast.

Ashburn (US East)

We are pleased to announce that Free Range Cloud is now able to host customers on the US East coast in our Ashburn Datacenter. Our equipment is colocated in the Atlantic Metro IAD-4 facility and networking is provided by Fork Systems LTD. This location is great for customers who need their data physically located in the US and want to take advantage of the lowest pings to the US East Coast.

Kansas City (US Central)

Kansas City is a centrally located city, in fact many IP geolocation services place unknown address blocks here. Our Kansas city datacenter sports redundant power and an Internet connection provided by NOCIX

Halifax (Canada East)

Halifax is one of the most Eastern major cities in Canada and is home to more then 400 000 people. Our equipment in Halifax is colocated in the EastLink datacenter which is an old military facility and decomissioned satellite landing station. The facility has multiple power feeds, onsite generators, diverse fiber connectivity and excellent physical security.

Dronten (Europe West)

Dronten, located roughly 40km away from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, has excellent fiber connectivity to the rest of Europe - just 15ms from London and 7ms away from Frankfurt. Our equipment is housed in the Tier3 Serverius DC1 facility.

Sandefjord (Europe North)

Customers in Northern Europe can benefit from our datacenter located in Sandefjord, Norway. Our equipment is physically located in the TerraHost DC2 facility which is just 18ms away from Helsinki and 14ms away from Copenhagen.