About us

Our Network

Our primary datacenter is located in Winnipeg Manitoba, a centrally located city, just 40ms away from Vancouver and 30ms away from Toronto. We operate our own IPv6 network and peer directly with Hurricane Electric for IPv6 transit. Currently, our IPv4 network is provided by FastNet communications - an ISP based in Winnipeg, however, we have plans to launch our own IPv4 network in the near future.

We also offer hosting out of the Tech Futures Datacenter in Vacouver - just 5ms away from Seattle and 30ms away from LA! If you would like a server in our Vancuver datacenter please contact us by phone or email and we would be happy to set it up for you.

You can test our connectivity by using our looking glasses for both Vancouver and Winnipeg. Both looking glass sites have test files to verify your speed to our data centers:

We also have a Speedtest.net server in our Vancouver Datacenter: freeerangecloud.speedtest.net