About our Network

Free Range Cloud has servers located in three datacenters across North America, covering most of the continent. No matter where you are, you'll likely be close to one of our points of presence!

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Winnipeg is a centrally located city, just 40ms away from Vancouver and 30ms away from Toronto. Our primary upstream at this location is FastNet communications, while IPv6 connectivity comes from Hurricane Electric. Services available from this location include: private servers, Cloud Storage, VPN tunneling and shared hosting.

Fremont, CA, United States

Located on the US West Coast, Fremont is situated in Northern California, direcly within Silicon Valley! Our network in Fremont is provided by Hurricane Electric and is just 8ms away from LA and less then 20ms away from Seattle. Services available from this location include: dedicated servers, private servers and VPN tunnels.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

We also offer hosting out of the Tech Futures Datacenter in Vacouver - just 5ms away from Seattle and 30ms away from LA! In Vancouver our upstream is provided by Cogent and Astute Hosting. Services availabe in Vancouver include: private servers, VPN tunneling and shared hosting.

You can test our connectivity by using any of our network looking glasses:

We also have a Speedtest.net server in our Vancouver Datacenter: freeerangecloud.speedtest.net